Embry Health Calls on ASU Now to Correct Lake Havasu City COVID-19 Test Result Claims

October 13th, 2020

Embry Health immediately calls on ASU Now to correct false and damaging statements made regarding COVID-19 test result turnaround time in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County. On September 29th, Marshall Terrill, at ASU Now stated “Arizona’s Mohave County is experiencing long wait times for COVID-19 test results, but ASU at Lake Havasu is helping to relieve some of the bottleneck.” Furthermore a quote was included from a local mayor stating “the current typical wait time for COVID-19 test results in the Lake Havasu City area is about 7-10 days, and he felt that was too long.”

These claims were made without evidence or comment from medical providers performing testing on a daily basis in Lake Havasu City. It is factually incorrect. Patients in Mohave County are not experiencing long wait times for COVID-19 test results. Most patients tested in Arizona and Mohave County currently receive results in less than 48 hours. This has been consistent since early September. 

The two largest laboratories in Arizona, consisting of LabCorp and Sonora Quest both advertise a turn around time within 2 to 4 days. However, in most cases LabCorp is providing results within 24 hours. 

Three daily test providers are currently listed on the AZDHS COVID-19 Testing Locations map for Lake Havasu City. These include Embry Health at Mohave Community College, NextCare, and CVS. Of those three providers all provide test results within 2 to 4 days. 

Embry Health saw that the Mohave community needed greater access to testing early on. Working with Mohave Community College and Mohave Department of Health they worked to open test sites in the three largest cities. In early September sites opened in Lake Havasu City, Kingman and Bullhead City. These test sites remain the only drive through sites to remain open on a daily basis. 

During a public health crisis it is essential that our public institutions provide accurate information. Propagating false information not only damages testing operations serving the community but also results in less patients seeking testing. Furthermore these claims fundamentally violate the charter of ASU which is “to be fundamentally responsible for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves”. Patients need zero cost, reliable testing with fast turnaround times. Embry Health as well as other test providers stand by to meet the needs of Lake Havasu City residents as well as all Arizonans. 

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 through diagnostic testing as well as mitigating the effects of flu season through vaccinations is the primary mission of Embry Health. Since the end of June TestNOW by Embry Health has scaled to over 22 locations across Arizona. Embry Health recently announced an initiative to launch an additional 30 test and vaccination sites over the next 30 days. Doing so requires the community coming together. But none of this would be possible without the support of a dedicated healthcare team. Embry Health currently employees over 300 employees across Arizona, including clinicians of every background. Embry Health is announcing a hiring blitz to onboard over 300 new employees to support the launch of the 30 new test sites across Arizona. 

Link to Embry Health COVID-19 Test Site Map


Link to AZDHS COVID-19 Test Map https://www.azdhs.gov/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/infectious-disease-epidemiology/index.php#novel-coronavirus-testing

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