Top 5 Common Causes of Painful Sex for Women


Five of the Top Reasons Women Experience Painful Sex Painful sex is a horrible experience for many women. For many it can be taboo to talk about and some women even find it difficult to talk to their provider about it. Help break the stigma of painful sex by knowing the reasons for it. [...]

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ADHD Symptoms & Treatment


ADHD is short for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a complex disorder which happens in children and teens and it may also continue during adulthood. According to Web Md, this is one of the most common mental disorders diagnosed in children who are hyperactive and unable to balance their impulses or find it difficult to [...]

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If You Want to Preserve Your Health, Avoid these Foods


According to the World Health Organization, leading a poor diet is considered to be one of the main contributing factors to serious, chronic illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes, cancer and other conditions associated with obesity. The WHO also point out that bettering people’s dietary habits is not just an individual issue, but a [...]

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Major Symptoms of Male Breast Cancer


Although men do not have breasts as women do, they still have a small amount of breast tissue and an adult man has breasts that are similar to the breasts of a girl before she enters puberty. In women, the breast tissue grows in puberty whereas in men it does not, as mentioned on [...]

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What Does It Mean to Be a Highly Sensitive Person?


Highly sensitive individuals are people who frequently feel too deep or too much, according to Psychology Today. High sensitivity is described as physical, acute, mental, and emotional responses to internal or external stimuli. Despite being commonly associated with introversion, a person with high sensitivity may be an introvert, but also an extrovert or something [...]

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Medical Billing Assistant, Full Time


Medical Billing Assistant, Full Time Embry Women's Health has an opening as an medical billing assistant in our off site administrative Office. This is a full time position including benefits. Job Description Fiercely independent growing OBGYN in need of an experienced individual to assume responsibility for billing and collection of our commercial insurance, [...]

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Ultrasound Technician, Part Time


Ultrasound Technician - Part Time Job Description OBGYN Ultrasound Tech Embry Women's Health, an independent women's health practice in Dobson Ranch seeks Ultrasound Technicians to join our growing practice. You will provide quality, compassionate care for our patients. Performs all levels of ultrasound procedures. This position is based in a busy OBGYN & [...]

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Clinical Medical Assistant, Full Time


Clinical Medical Assistant, Full Time Apply Now We are looking for the right candidate to join our team as a Full Time, Clinic Based, Provider Medical Assistant. You will be the primary MA assigned to a busy full time NP Provider. We have included many of the daily duties listed below. This position [...]

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