Online Appointments

Telehealth Appointments Online Over the Internet

Evisits or televisits are available as a scheduling option for both our new and established patients.  Certain health care needs can be provided over the internet without an in-person visit.  This service lets us provide the care you need without having to leave your home.

Our scheduling staff will provide you with the instructions for your telehealth visit when you make your appointment.

Types of Appointments Offered Online:

  • Birth control consultation
  • Early obstetric (pregnancy) consultations
  • Incontinence
  • Infertility consultations
  • Lactation consultations and concerns including mastitis
  • Medication follow ups, adjustments or new prescriptions
  • Mood concerns or follow up medical checks
  • Perimenopause or menopause consultations
  • Review of lab results
  • Vaginitis or urinary tract infections

*Please be aware that this visit will result in a charge to your insurance company and coinsurance and deductible will apply.

*All of these types of appointments can still occur in person. This is simply an easy to use option to have them over the internet and save the trip.

Office Visit In Person Required

We would prefer to see you in office for these type of appointments.

  • Annual Exams
  • Colposcopy
  • IUD String Check
  • Breast complaints (mass or breast lump, pain, nipple discharge)
  • Menorrhagia – heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Pelvic pain
  • Prenatal care (see “Modified Plan” below for low-risk patients)
  • Postpartum exam
  • Postmenopausal bleeding
  • Procedures for LEEP, Nexplanon/IUDs, Endometrial biopsy
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) concerns or screening requiring an exam

Virtual Waiting Room

You can access the virtual waiting room for Embry Women’s Health at

A few minutes prior to your appointment simply access the link. It will ask you for your name and place you in the waiting room. You will then be able to communicate with our staff and get checked in.

Important Information

Make sure microphone and camera are on. Click on link. Choose provider name. Enter name. Someone will be with you shortly. Co-pays & deductibles will be collected.