Help us find a new home for our Scottsdale Community College Test Site

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Help us find a new home for our Scottsdale Community College Test Site

We are disappointed to share that our COVID-19 test site at SCC, Scottsdale Community College is coming to an end, closing on October 31st. This is currently the only daily, drive through test and future vaccination site location in South Scottsdale. As well as being the only one on the SRP-MIC, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. However, our commitment both to the residents of South Scottsdale and the residents of SRP-MIC is not ending. We are determined to transition the SCC site to a new location in South Scottsdale without a single day of downtime. 

Embry Health is proud of the public, private partnership that we have built over the past three months with SCC and SRP-MIC. We are disappointed that SCC will no longer be an essential site in the Arizona strategy to test, vaccinate and eradicate COVID-19. This turn of events unfortunately resulted after the work being done to roll out zero cost flu vaccinations. Which is essential not only to protecting the community, but also to prepare for the eventual COVID-19 vaccine. It is of critical importance now that drive through sites have time to prepare to ensure the COVID-19 vaccine is made available as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

The SCC test site Initially opened to the public on August 19th. Starting slow the SCC location only averaged 49 patients per day during its first month. However, once it became known in the community the SCC has more than doubled its daily patient volume. Over the past month the SCC test site has averaged over 106 patients per day. In total the location has tested an estimated 5,000 patients. We have included a link to a graph showing daily patient volume at SCC below. 

The importance of zero cost, convenient test sites during the global pandemic can not be overstated. Our community test site at SCC further demonstrates the success of our testing model. These test and vaccination locations are critical in the fight against COVID-19 in Arizona, both to mitigate the virus and eradicate it. 

We are asking for your assistance in finding a new location to replace the SCC site. Our plan is to bring four new locations online in the City of Scottsdale. Stretching from our newest location in North Scottsdale at The Holland Center, near Carefree all the way down to Tempe, Scottsdale border in South Scottsdale. If you know any business, government agency, church or other organization that would be willing to host a test site, please reach out to us. Send an email to or call us at 480-376-2170 and ask to speak to James Haggerty. 

Additionally, we need your assistance in helping to locate locations for the more than 30 sites that we will open across Arizona in the next month. There are still many communities that lack access to daily, zero cost, drive through test locations. We are committed to ensuring that every Arizonan has access to testing regardless if they live in Carefree or Morenci. 

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 through diagnostic testing as well as mitigating the effects of flu season through vaccinations is our primary mission. Since the end of June TestNOW by Embry Health has scaled to over 22 locations across Arizona. We recently announced our mission to launch an additional 30 test and vaccination sites over the next 30 days. Doing so requires our community coming together. But none of this would be possible without the support of our dedicated employees. Embry Health currently employees over 300 employees across Arizona, including clinicians of every background. Embry Health is announcing a hiring blitz to onboard over 300 new employees to support the launch of the 30 new test sites across Arizona. If you know anyone interested in fighting to stop COVID-19 and protect our community please share our career site link below. 

Working together we can end COVID-19, saving lives, and getting back to work. Regardless if it is with Embry Health or another healthcare entity please get your flu shot this season. We will share with you as each of our vaccination centers comes online. 

Thank you,

Raymond Embry

CEO, Embry Health Test Now

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