Important Considerations to Choose a Right Gynecologist

Whether you are planning to have a baby or are having issues related to your menstrual cycle like experiencing heavy menstruation, absence of periods, etc. along with other similar concerns regarding the health of your reproductive system, it is time for you to see a gynecologist. Seeing a gynecologist should not only be done when you are having certain health issues but even when you are perfectly healthy. Periodic visits to your gynecologists’ office should be on your agenda once you enter your reproductive years to make sure that your reproductive system remains healthy and also to make sure that you do not develop any serious health concerns.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, every female should visit a gynecologist for the very first time between the ages of 13 through 15. It is, therefore, very important to search for a very good and reliable gynecologist to help you lead a healthy and problem-free life.

When looking for a gynecologist, you will have to keep in mind a lot of things like whether he or she is trustworthy enough, well experienced, understanding, etc. and since you will be working with that doctor for a very long time and most definitely will be sharing a lot of personal issues and intimate details with them you need to be able to fully trust them and also be highly comfortable in their presence. What are the important things that you need to keep in mind while looking for a good gynecologist? Let’s dive into that.

  • Their reputation

Because you will be very open with your gynecologist sharing your every personal problem and issues, including the very intimate details as well; in that is why you need to be very sure about whether they are reputed enough or not. When searching for a good gynecologist, never ignore this factor. Since most people, after being in touch with their gynecologist for a very long time, form a sort of emotional bond with them and being so vulnerable in front of them makes it all the more necessary for you to run a background check on them first. Begin by finding out which hospitals or clinics they have worked under in the past; that way, you will easily get to know if they hold a good deal of reputation or not. 

  • Recommendations

When searching for a reliable gynecologist, it is not feasible to do a survey on your own that includes going from one hospital to the other, in that case, what comes in handy is asking people that you know personally like your co-workers, your friends, your neighbors, your relatives, etc. to recommend you the best gynecologist that they know of. The one that you frequently get recommended might just be the one to go for. 

  • Read reviews about them

After getting recommendations from your known and trusted circle, get busy by searching them up on websites like,, etc. On these websites, you can get a lot of reviews for different doctors left by their patients along with ratings, and these ratings are based on:

– how easy it is to schedule an appointment with them

– how good or bad the environment of their office is

– what is the average time that you have to wait

– how friendly are the staff

– are they trustworthy?

– how well do they explain the various conditions

Based on the reviews and ratings of the patients, you can go for the one that has the most positive reviews about them.

  • Experience

The same websites that have reviews and ratings on different doctors also have their bios. Check their bios to get an idea about their credentials. Make sure you find out:

– about the medical school that they passed out from 

– whether or not the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology have board-certified them

– the number of years that they have spent practicing

– the hospitals and clinics that they have worked under

– what do they specialize in

– lastly, find out if there have been any instances of them malpractice, or if there have been any sort of complaints made against them.

It is imperative to find out about the areas that they specialize in; some doctors are more inclined towards gynecology while others towards obstetrics. If you are suffering from a particular condition, find out if the doctor of your choice has any experience in that area or not.

  • Their Gender

As compared to male gynecologists, most women give more preference to being examined by a female one. Male gynecologists are also very good at their job, but when it comes to your individual preferences and the level of comfort, it is best to go with what makes you feel more at ease. If you do not like the idea of being examined by a male gynecologist, you can go for a female doctor. 

  • Their Location

When choosing the right gynecologist to go for the one that lives in the same area as you. The closer the proximity, the better it will be. 

– to avoid traveling a long distance in case you experience anything that needs immediate medical attention or if you are pregnant in which case since you will be visiting them regularly, it is better to choose the gynecologist that lives the closest to you.  

– the gynecologist living in close proximity to you means you do not have to travel a lot and so you can save a lot of money that you would be spending on gas.

– when you go into labor, traveling can be very hard, and so again, in that case, the close proximity of the doctor to you comes in very handy.

  • Quality of the Hospital

whether you visit your gynecologist for any minor issue or for something like delivering your baby, you will be seeing your doctor mostly at the hospital where they work. And so, it is important to consider whether the hospital where they practice is trustworthy and is of very high quality or not.  

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, you should check for the following before assessing a particular hospital:

– what percentage of people that were treated there experienced complications and infection after surgery.

– the percentage of deaths after any procedure or surgery done.

– the reviews left by the patients that were treated there in terms of the service they got.

  • Insurance coverage

One more important factor to consider before zeroing-in on a gynecologist is the cost factor. Most insurance companies do not cover all types of clinics and hospitals in the areas where you are residing. Therefore it gets all the more important to find out whether or not your insurance package covers the hospital or the clinic where the gynecologist of your choice is practicing. If they are not covering that particular health center, you might have to pay from your own pocket, which can get very expensive. So make sure you make a detailed inquiry with your insurance company about this as a first step.

  • Availability

Since you might need to reach out to your gynecologist at odd times, it is recommended to make sure that they are available 24/7. Some of the factors that need to be kept in mind in this regard are:

– whether the gynecologist will be available via a phone call or be able to answer even your minor queries over a text message?

– will they be able to take care of all the birthings no matter the timings?

– what is the average length of time that you have to wait for a nonroutine checkup? Will the doctor be available during the weekends?

– some gynecologists work at other clinics and hospitals as well, and so you need to consider that as well as this might mean that they won’t be available all the time.

  • Patience level of the Gynecologist

Whether you are a mother-to-be for the first time or not the patience level of the gynecologist matters a lot and should not be ignored at all because:

– your gynecologist should be able to dedicate enough time towards the assessment of your issues during your check ups instead of rushing you through it.

– it does not matter whether your queries are regarding a serious issue or not your gynecologist should be able to answer all of those in a very patient manner.

– when you leave their office, you should be able to be clear of all of your uncertainties. 

  • Communication

Communication is another factor to lay stress on when you are choosing a gynecologist. When you visit them in their office, you should be able to communicate with them without feeling hesitant. They should make you feel very comfortable that you are able to tell them all of your health-related problems, and they, in turn, should be competent enough to answer them patiently. A good gynecologist should never order or dismiss the doubts of their patients, and they should be able to give you a definite answer to your doubts and come up with a valid method of treatment.

  • Trust your instincts

Do not dismiss the gut feeling that tells you that your current doctor is not competent enough. If you do not feel comfortable in their presence and are not able to discuss your problems with them, that is a big sign that you should search for a replacement.

  • Final Thoughts

Keeping track and being more aware of your reproductive health is extremely important to lead a healthy life. Because you will be discussing a lot of your personal issues with them, it gets all the more important to choose a gynecologist that is highly experienced and reliable. Doing a thorough background check and asking your trusted circle before choosing a gynecologist for you can make a lot of difference. 

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