Free Birth Control

100% Free Birth Control for Eight Years via Liletta IUD & Commercial Insurance

How much does LILETTA cost?

The Liletta IUD device is guaranteed by Embry Women’s Health to be absolutely free for patients with commercial insurance. We are able to offer this unique program through a partnership with Allergan. If your commercial insurance plan denies payment for the device we handle the process to get reimbursed by Allergan. We 100% guarantee that you will not be charged for the physical Liletta IUD device.

Liletta is 99% Effective

Are there any rules?

Yes, to be eligible for the guarantee the patient must have commercial health insurance. This can be from any state but it must be a commercial health plan such as Aetna, Banner, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare and more. Patients with any type of government insurance such as Medicaid, AHCCCS, and Medicare are not eligible.

Am I eligible if I work for a company that excludes birth control?

Yes! As long as you have a valid, commercial health plan through the employer you are eligible. The claim would be denied as a non covered service and the guarantee would cover you.  If you work for a company such as Hobby Lobby this program is exactly for you. Regardless if the employer excludes birth control you are still covered.

Will I have to pay my copay?

Yes, out of pocket costs associated with the office visit and IUD insertion are still due. The free IUD program guarantees the cost of the physical IUD device, which normally costs over $800. The copay covers the cost of the dedicated provider guiding you through the IUD process and completing the insertion. If you are afraid of high out of pocket costs due to a deductible we are happy to work with you to ensure you pay a fair price.


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