Fibroids Specialist

At Embry Women’s Health, Providers JoEllen Embry WHNP, and Barbara Lockwood WHNP can help women with any type of reproductive health concern they are facing including fibroids. As a leading provider of Gynecology and Obstetric services, they can ensure that the treatment used for fibroids is the most advanced, effective possible.

Fibroids Q & A

What are Fibroids? 

Fibroids, also known as uterine fibroids, are tumors in the muscle tissue which have developed inside the uterine wall. Usually, uterine fibroids are non-cancerous or benign. They commonly present as a single tumor, however some women develop multiple small fibroids. Fibroids typically range in size from that of a seed to the size of a grapefruit. Larger fibroids are less common. By the time women reach the age of 50, around 20 to 80% of them will report dealing with fibroids at some point. Fibroids can present with little to no symptoms or they can cause pain, usually when the fibroid itself is larger or there are multiple present.

What can Cause a Fibroid to Develop?

The exact cause is unknown. However, it is thought the multiple factors can affect their development. Hormonal fluctuations can affect them and it may also be hereditary. They have shown to respond to estrogen and progesterone levels and can also be found to grow rapidly during pregnancy. They have also been known to shrink during menopause.

What Treatments Are Used for Fibroids?

When symptoms begin to appear, doctors often treat fibroids using either surgery or medication. The treatment used will depend on the severity of the symptoms, how many or how large the fibroid is, the location of the fibroid, the woman’s age, and if she desires to become pregnant. When the symptoms are mild, medication is usually used. Birth control medications are used frequently and help to control the signs in addition to non-prescription pain relievers. Surgery is typically used when the symptoms are severe. A myomectomy or hysterectomy can be performed and either the affects tissues are removed or the entire uterus is removed. The lining of the uterus can also be removed in a procedure referred to as an endometrial ablation. If the fibroids themselves can be destroyed without complication, they can be electrocuted or frozen. Blood flow to the fibroid can also be cut off to prevent it from getting bigger. The doctor will go over all the options suitable for each patient’s unique situation.


I first chose to come to Embry Womens Health because it was near my home and they took my insurance. I’ve been coming back because JoEllen is AMAZING! The whole office is so welcoming and comforting, I’ve moved 20 miles away and I STILL go to see JoEllen for all of my women’s healthcare. I will literally plan my days off around an appointment so I can continue being a patient here.
I can’t say enough good things about Embry Women’s Health and hope to be able to be a patient for life!

5 Stars – Yelp – 11/13/2019


I still love this place. It’s my second year as a patient here, and they still treat me so well. Every concern that I had was taken seriously and my doctor gave me some things to help with a couple of them. The office also isn’t really cold (which I’ve found to be a problem at some offices) so you won’t be freezing during your exam. She’s definitely the best doctor I have been to and recommend to every woman to look into coming here. Also, all of your test results are available online through a patient portal, and you can also schedule new appointments and fill out all of your patient information forms ahead of time on there. This makes checking in for your appointment super quick and easy.

5 Stars – Yelp – 10/31/2019


This was my first visit at this office and it was so much better then a visit I’ve had at a different gynecologist. The ladies were genuinely friendly and helpful and all very knowledgeable. They make you feel comfortable and safe. It’s so hard to find a gynecologist that fits your needs and I’m very happy to say I found mine.

5 Stars – Yelp – 4/10/2018



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Words from our patients

JoEllen is AMAZING! Not only is she professional- she makes your whole experience comfortable. If you’re looking for a professional that never judges your situation and treats you very well- I would definitely recommend this office!

5 Stars – Yelp

Patient Image Yelp Layna HLayna H., Yelp

It is refreshing to meet a practitioner who sees the whole patient and not just a series of symptoms. JoEllen is willing to spend the time to ask questions and really listen to the responses. I have seen JoEllen several times and I have always appreciated how much time she spends with each appointment and her pragmatic approach with solutions.  I feel like my health drives the appointment and not the schedule. Finding JoEllen’s practice was like finding a needle in a haystack, a caring practitioner who encourages patients to listen to their bodies and to be their own best advocate.

5 Stars – 10/11/2018

Patient Image Kathy NKathy N., Yelp

Friendly staff. JoEllen is incredibly kind, patient and answers all of my questions whenever I see her. I don’t feel like I am being rushed when I am there, it is very nice.

5 Stars – 10/4/2018

Patient Image Ashley DAshley D., Yelp

I was super impressed. NP Eva was wonderfully personable and professional. Front desk staff (thanks, Mia) was kind and thoughtful. They have snacks and drinks in the waiting room. It’s super clean and the view is lovely. It sits right on the lake at Dobson Ranch.

5 Stars – 5/24/2021

“I started seeing Joellen earlier this year and I have had nothing but good experiences every time I have gone back. She is very down to earth and listens to any concerns. I would highly recommend Embry Womens Health.”

5 stars – 09/28/2018

Patient Image Jeannie DJeannie D., Yelp