Vanquish ME

Vanquish ME is the game-changer in non-surgical fat reduction and contouring. It doesn’t even touch your skin. Fat is destroyed and you are comfortable with no downtime. Initial studies show an average of 59% of abdominal fat treated was destroyed. The Vanquish ME, is the most cutting-edge alternative to liposuction available and compliments the other body contouring treatments offered.

This is an “intelligent” device that senses your body fat and adjusts to maximize energy delivery and absorption. The engineering and technology used in the Vanquish ME is a huge step forward in non-surgical body contouring; it truly individualizes the treatment for the patient’s fat and body type. The fat is superheated and destroyed (melted) while the surface skin temperature is comfortably warm. All of this is achieved without the device even touching the skin — you lay below adjustable panels that sit above the skin. Results are permanent and patients are comfortable in the process.


Vanquish ME Q&A

What results can I expect?

The sensation of the treatment is a warm feeling, similar to a heating pad, and is very comfortable. You can treat the full abdomen, including the love handles, at the same time. If a good candidate, it can also be used to treat the legs, thighs, bra fat, and buttocks. The protocol is four treatments, one week apart. There may be slight redness and minimal swelling after the treatment, but there is no discomfort. Adequate hydration is recommended to maximize results. Complimentary consultation on the Vanquish ME will help individualize your body contouring treatment plan with the Vanquish ME.

Can Vanquish ME replace liposuction?

Vanquish ME is an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery. Vanquish ME is not liposuction, but it will achieve similar results. With Vanquish ME, there are no side effects nor risks of surgical complications.

How does Vanquish ME differ from Coolsculpt and Kybella?

With Vanquish ME there are no needles, no pushing or pulling of tissue into a vacuum device like Coolsculpt, which uses freezing to crystallize the fat (cryolipolysis), and no pain or numbness that is often associated with that treatment. Vanquish ME can be easily used on the abdomen (flank to flank) and can be used on the thighs, whereas Kybella is currently approved only for the submentum (under chin area).

Can I do EMSculpt with Vanquish ME?

Yes! EMSculpt can be combined with Vanquish ME for even quicker results, muscle tone, and more fat reduction. Your Embry provider can put together a recommended treatment plan based on your BMI and desired results.



Patient Image Ashley F

The ladies here at Embry Women’s Health really know how to treat people! I’ve been coming here since I moved to the area four years ago, and I am never disappointed. Nurse Lockwood and Dr. Embry always make time for their patients and make sure to get to the root of any problem you may have. They also have a gorgeous office with everything you could possibly need. The atmosphere is very cozy and calming and does not feel like a doctors office at all. My only suggestion to visitors is to book your appointments ASAP as they go quickly, and I get why! Sometimes when I have come here, I end up waiting a bit as they do tend to give that full attention and care to each patient, so it’s worth the wait. I just wish they could be my nurse/doctor for EVERYTHING 🙁

5 Stars – Yelp – 06/03/2018

Patient Image Jennifer W

I have never had such a positive experience at a healthcare facility, not that I’ve had particularly negative ones, but I was pleasantly surprised the time Barbara Lockwood, NP took with me. She is very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable during my visit. I’m so glad I found this practice!

5 Stars – Yelp – 12/29/2017


This was my first visit at this office and it was so much better then a visit I’ve had at a different gynecologist. The ladies were genuinely friendly and helpful and all very knowledgeable. They make you feel comfortable and safe. It’s so hard to find a gynecologist that fits your needs and I’m very happy to say I found mine.

5 Stars – Yelp – 4/10/2018



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Words from our patients

JoEllen is AMAZING! Not only is she professional- she makes your whole experience comfortable. If you’re looking for a professional that never judges your situation and treats you very well- I would definitely recommend this office!

5 Stars – Yelp

Patient Image Yelp Layna HLayna H., Yelp

It is refreshing to meet a practitioner who sees the whole patient and not just a series of symptoms. JoEllen is willing to spend the time to ask questions and really listen to the responses. I have seen JoEllen several times and I have always appreciated how much time she spends with each appointment and her pragmatic approach with solutions.  I feel like my health drives the appointment and not the schedule. Finding JoEllen’s practice was like finding a needle in a haystack, a caring practitioner who encourages patients to listen to their bodies and to be their own best advocate.

5 Stars – 10/11/2018

Patient Image Kathy NKathy N., Yelp

Friendly staff. JoEllen is incredibly kind, patient and answers all of my questions whenever I see her. I don’t feel like I am being rushed when I am there, it is very nice.

5 Stars – 10/4/2018

Patient Image Ashley DAshley D., Yelp

I went in as a new patient just for an annual exam and Dr. Barbara Lockwood was so professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She made sure to answer any and every question I had and she made sure I understood everything I needed to know. I have been to some offices in the past where you feel judged but she was so kind and made me feel so comfortable talking to her! I will be moving away soon but I might just have to make the drive back to see her next year!

5 Stars – 10/4/2018

Patient Image Shana EShana E., Yelp

“I started seeing Joellen earlier this year and I have had nothing but good experiences every time I have gone back. She is very down to earth and listens to any concerns. I would highly recommend Embry Womens Health.”

5 stars – 09/28/2018

Patient Image Jeannie DJeannie D., Yelp