Moving can be a stressful time. As Google tells us, moving is one of the top 10 stress-inducing life events. It is there in the list with chronic illness, marriage, or starting a new job. It has been seen that most of these stressful events, unfortunately, go hand in hand. For example, if you are getting married, you will probably be moving to a new house too.

When you move to Arizona due to marriage or a new job, or any other reason, you will be working on getting your life in order as soon as possible. One important thing to take care of is to transition medical care whenever you move to a new state. You need to find new doctors and a medical center. Picking a new medical consultant/healthcare provider can be a daunting task. Some look to family, friends, or other recommendations. But if you are completely new to the place, you may take help from the internet. 

If you need a hair salon to go to, Google can give you a list of salons near your house within minutes. Or if you want to eat out and want a good restaurant near you, then Google can send you a list of eating options with pictures. This applies to finding a new health care center too. A simple Google search with keywords such as “Gynecology services in Arizona.” or “Online OBGYN services in Arizona” or “OBGYN near me,” can give you great results. Many doctors have online websites, or at least clinics do. And Google can quickly make a list of whoever has mentions online so that you can choose one from that.

Convenience is absolutely crucial when you are going to the doctor. You don’t want someone far off, especially if you need constant check-ups due to pregnancy or a chronic condition. So why not see a doctor who is closer to you or may have an online consultation service for you to reach out immediately? It will make it more convenient to handle your medical appointments. But many choose to go the distance for a good doctor or a medical center where they feel comfortable. When it comes to healthcare, choosing the closest physician may not always work. You may need a specialist, and a long drive is worth it.

The Mesa area is not very huge, and the traffic is easy for most days. If you live around Tempe, Gilbert, and in Mesa then you can google for an “OBGYN near me,” but does the list that comes up have specialists in the field that you need?

Although Google search is a good way to find the right people for help, here are some things to consider when you are evaluating the options for a doctor or specifically an OBGYN near you.

Consider if the OBGYN near your location is able to handle complex cases

If you have a complicated medical condition, then it is better to see an OBGYN who has some experience in treating such cases. This could mean you have to go to a practice that is affiliated with a teaching hospital. It is because they have more resources and sub-specialists with interest in your condition. Research has depicted that a higher level of experience in medical procedures and surgeries can lead to a better outcome for the patient.

Embry Women’s Health is one of the best women’s health medical practices in the Mesa area and is known for handling complex cases ranging from Pregnancy-related treatments, prenatal care, Vaginal rejuvenation services, IUD birth controls, HIV, and many more. Our clinics attend to patients with women related problems and disorders. We are staffed with experienced nurses and doctors too.

Find out if there are other specialists in the clinic

This may not seem important right now, but this information will seem good when you actually need to see a different specialist. After you have googled and found the right OBGYN, do find out if he/she has relationships or knows other specialists in the area. It is easier if the other specialists are close by or on the same campus, just like Embry Womens Health has. This enables a continuous line of care when patients can benefit from collaborative relationships.

The Embry Womens Health offers subspecialties such as OB-Gyn, fertility doctors, Family Nurse Practitioner. The fertility consultants are board-certified in treating infertility and reproductive endocrinology, STDS, and various women’s health issues which you can learn more about here. The OBGYN practice is on the same floor as ultrasound, the integrated health clinic, and the examination center. 

Check if the OBGYN near your location is up to date on the latest technology and online practices

A small practice can no doubt provide good care, but a large hospital or practice has access to more resources. There are multiple doctors, each with their own area of interest and expertise.

Getting the best available care is crucial when a woman is pregnant. Pregnancy is a major focus area at Embry Women’s Health, and we offer the full range of services, including prenatal care, labor, and delivery, along with postpartum counseling and care.

If you are interested in cutting edge treatment and getting professional help with STDs, Birth control services such as Mirena implant, Nexplanon plant, etc., this is where you will find it. In pandemic situations, when it would be difficult to visit the doctor, look for the online GYN services in Arizona with services like E-visits or Tele-visits. Certain health care needs can be provided over the internet without an in-person visit.  This service provides the care you need without having to leave your home. Embry Women Health is currently offering online appointments to all the established and new patients with our board-certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner providing a full range of women’s health services. 

Trusting the OBGYN

Many drive a long way to see the OBGYNs they have trust in. In a survey conducted by the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the Associated Press, it was noted that at least 60 percent of Americans looked for relationships and personality to determine if the doctor was good for them or not. Around 29 percent considered the health outcome of the patient and the delivery of care.

It is good that most practices combine compassion, along with the quality of care. This is necessary as a woman discusses personal and intimate issues with the OBGYN. At Embry Womens Health, such conversations can begin with adolescent and pediatric gynecology and continue through the reproductive age, right up to menopause. Hence, your OBGYN must be someone you are extremely comfortable with.

Along with comfort, you must have confidence in his/her skills as a doctor. Large and hospital-based OBGYNs have an area of expertise and are certified by the board. 


You do need peace of mind when you are going through a high-risk pregnancy or if your teenage daughter is suffering from a complex gynecological issue. You may be wanting to talk to an expert before getting pregnant, or you could be dealing with an abnormal pap smear. It could be worth it to drive further so you can get the best medical care. Everyone wants the comfort that their OBGYN can handle simple to complex cases and has the technology or resources to help them through difficult problems.

Those patients who have a good rapport with their OBGYNs and confidence in their doctor have a healthier outcome. And this is what we strive to achieve at EmbryWomensHealth– healthy and happy patients.