Embry Women’s Health to test 1,500 patients for the COVID-19 Virus and Antibodies at it’s Testing Blitz this Saturday

Embry Women’s Health is set to test over 1,500 patients during the state’s Testing Blitz Saturday on May 16th. This will be done in partnership with the Governor’s Office, Arizona Department of Health Services, and other testing sites statewide. Two types of tests will be offered. They include the diagnostic test to determine if someone currently has the virus. As well as the newly released antibody virus to determine if someone has previously had the virus.

The State of Arizona Testing Blitz only includes diagnostic testing. This is what most offices across the state will be offering on Saturday. However, Embry Women’s Health identified at its first test blitz that many patients also want to know if they have previously had the virus. The operations have been uniquely set up to allow patients to have both tests performed. Diagnostic testing will be performed in the car while antibody testing will be done at a blood draw station. As always safety is our number one concern. Patients are asked to wear masks. Additionally, the operation has been set up to ensure appropriate social distancing is available.

Both tests will be offered through Sonora Quest as the chosen laboratory partner. They will be zero cost to all patients regardless of insurance. For those with insurance, there is zero patient responsibility including no copay, deductible, or cost-share. In-network status also does not apply for COVID-19 Screening and Diagnostic Testing. Those patients without insurance will be registered for a government program that covers 100% of the cost of testing.

Patients are able to schedule in advance and pre-register for a test time. Arriving onsite patients can expect to be directed to a testing bay where they will be greeted. The patient will be checked in and registration will be completed. A provider will then collect a nasal swab while the patient remains in the vehicle. Once completed the patient is offered the antibody test. If they decide to have one done they will park, and follow signs to the blood draw area. All antibody tests are done by blood draw. A provider will draw the blood which will then be sent to Sonora Quest.

Results typically take from one to three days to come back. Patients will be notified of their test results electronically, which can then be viewed in the patient portal.

Registration and more information is available online at Testing Blitz For questions call or text 480-376-2170.

Saturday, May 16th marks the final Arizona Testing Blitz that Arizona has committed to. However, Embry Women’s Health has no plans to stop. We realize that there is a strong need in the community for testing, including diagnostic and antibody testing. As long as patients have a need to be tested we will be there to help them. A Testing Blitz will be held each Saturday throughout the month of May and June.