A Healthy and Loving Relationship with Your Partner

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about “healthy” and “toxic” relationships and different people have different views on what a good relationship is and what it is not. Surely, no one likes being in a toxic relationship or a relationship which is full of negative behaviors which are often both emotionally and physically damaging to both partners. With this in mind, in order to build a successful future with your partner, it is pivotal to know how to grow a relationship that is full of love and respect and one that is healthy for you and the people closest to you.

The Importance of Love

Being in a loving romantic relationship does not just positively affect our mood, as noted on Self, but it can also better our health and looks too. Love is considered to be a powerful medicine and it comes in many different shapes and forms. When people are in a strong romantic relationship, they can benefit in numerous ways, i.e. from having a more balanced blood pressure to increasing their chances for successful recovery from cancer.

Romantic love is often described by modern-day psychologists as a strong desire to be in an emotional union with another person and according to The Anatomy of Love, romance is the beginning of love and it has an extreme influence on human behavior and it usually pertains from 6 months to 2 years before it transforms into attachment in most relationships. Attachment is considered to be, as pointed out on The Anatomy of Love, a feeling of deep union with a long-term partner with whom you are evolving together, with or without the goal to raise children. When it comes to sex drive or lust, it is not necessarily associated with romantic love as a person can have intercourse without any romantic involvement with the individual in question. During the early stages of romantic love, the romantic partner is the center of the person’s world and he/she is more prone to a wide array of emotions like mood swings, insomnia, separation anxiety, possessiveness, craving, and intrusive thinking.

How to Know If You Are in a Loving Relationship?

As suggested by Randi Gunther from Psychology Today, in the magical uncertainty of a new romantic relationship, every couple develops their own, specific emotional language. In a lot of situations, these connections deepen throughout time and the relationship transforms into a long-term commitment, but there are cases when they do not last for long. This is why it is pivotal for both sides to learn how to refocus their relationship and bring it on the right path. In order for a relationship to thrive and be a loving one, there are several important aspects to focus on. Check them out below:

  1. Support for your partner’s views

Without doubt, as emphasized by Gunther, one of the pivotal experiences for human beings is to believe that what they feel, see, and hear is backed up by the people who matter to them and this is the staple of our mental and emotional health. Therefore, couples need to be aware that two genuine, but distinct realities can exist and to learn not to deny the other partner’s reality. When you are in a loving relationship, you and your partner agree to disagree or are in search of a truth that will include both views. Erasing the other person’s truth is never good for a relationship.

  1. Ability to forgive

Since no one is perfect, mistakes are practically inevitable and this is rather normal in relationships too. Although mistakes can be hurtful, partners can learn from each other’s mistakes if they are aware of the safe haven in their partner’s heart. Surely, this does not mean that one is expected to tolerate wrongful behavior, but the goal is to be opened to the why’s and how’s of it.

  1. Remembering the sacred

Being in a loving relationship means that partners are aware of the words and actions that make them feel safe and the ones that make them feel insecure. Using the other one’s vulnerabilities to hurt them when you are angry or upset is just a sign of a relationship without any respect for the soul, heart, and mind of your partner.

  1. Making room for each other’s dreams and sorrows

Opposite to what a lot of people usually think, people can thrive in a loving relationship even when they have individual goals and different interests. For new lovers, it is very common to put aside individual goals and focus on the mutual ones in order to grow as one; however, as the time goes by, these dreams may resurface, looking for attention. When you are in a loving relationship, you need to make room and give the opportunity for them to try and accomplish their goals.

Regarding moments of sorrow and suffering that are often inescapable, if you are in a relationship which feeds on love and respect, you need to show your support and be present when the other one is expressing the specific memory and the emotions followed by it. Be there and listen and never question, judge, or challenge how he/she feels. Learn to be grateful that you have each other to rely on when sadness emerges. Being in a loving relationship means that your partner offers his/her unconditional love to help you heal, Gunther points out.

The Advantages of Being in a Loving Relationship

  1. Makes you happier

As suggested on This Is Insider, a supportive and healthy relationship elevates the oxytocin levels, encourages comfort and bonding, and betters your mood.

  1. Longer lifespan

Some studies continue indicating that a loving relationship helps people live longer, especially if you are happy to spend the years with your significant other.

  1. Less stress

One study found that people who are in a committed relationship secreted lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

  1. Helps live easier

As seen on This Is Insider, a study showed that those who were in a happy marriage rated their health as better, even at an older age, than the ones who were single.

  1. Good for your mental health

Both same-sex and heterosexual couples were found to have a smaller risk of mental illness than the couples that were single, according to This Is insider.

  1. Averts heart attacks

A loving relationship has the power to minimize the partners’ chance for heart attack in both men and women. As explained on This Is Insider, this is probably a result of having someone to encourage you to take more care of your health and regularly consult your physician.

Final Thoughts on the Importance of Being in a Loving Relationship

Same as any other relationship in our lives, a romantic one needs to be nourished in order to prosper and it requires equal efforts from both partners. This is vital if we take into consideration the numerous benefits that a loving relationship has on our overall health and well-being, for example, a lower risk of heart attacks and stronger mental health.

However, as there are no ideal relationships, there are bound to be times when we question our relationship and its stability, despite feeling love and affection for our partner. When this happens, it is pivotal to be able to go back on the right track, by improving some aspects of the relationship that may have triggered the struggles in the first place. With this in mind, make sure you are giving enough space to your partner to achieve their individual dreams and show more empathy by supporting their views on life. Certainly, when there is love, effort, and respect from both partners, there is always place for growth.

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