Should you use a male and female condom at the same time?


No, you should not use a female condom and male condom at the same time. The male and female condoms should not be used at the same time because friction can break them, make them stick together, or make one or the other slip out of place during intercourse.

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How do you use a female condom?


You can put in a female condom up to 8 hours before sex. Squeeze the smaller ring at the closed end and insert it deep into the vagina. The larger ring at the open end should stay outside the vagina. During sex, make sure the penis goes into the condom. After the penis is removed, [...]

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How else can you take care of yourself?


Talk to your partner before you have sex. Find out if he or she has or is at risk for any STI. Keep in mind that a person may be able to spread an STI even if he or she does not have symptoms. You and your partner may want to get an HIV test. [...]

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How can you prevent pregnancy?


Remember that birth control methods such as diaphragms, IUDs, foams, and birth control pills do not stop you from getting STIs. These are some safer sex things you can do to help avoid pregnancy: Use some type of birth control every time you have sex. Don't drink a lot of alcohol or use drugs before sex. This [...]

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How can you protect yourself from STIs?


A condom is one of the best ways to lower your chance of STIs. You may know about condoms for men. Did you know there are condoms for women too? The female condom is a tube of soft plastic with a closed end that is put deep into the vagina. Use condoms or female condoms [...]

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What is safer sex?


Safer sex is a way to help you avoid an infection spread through sex. It can also help prevent pregnancy. It may seems strange or uncomfortable to talk about sex. But the more you know, the safer you are. And the actions you take before sex can help keep you from getting an infection [...]

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