Friday 03/20/2020

Good afternoon,

My name is Raymond Embry with Embry Women’s Health. Our office takes pride in our commitment to our patients and providing quality care for women of all ages. I have several updates to share with you. But first I want to emphasize that our number one priority has and always will be safety. Both the safety of our patients as well as our employees.

My updates include information on how we are ensuring that you are able to receive the care that you need. This includes a safe office space for your appointment, appointments over the internet, larger space and in house blood draw. We are ensuring that our office is safe for you during your appointment, both in sanitation as well as adequate physical space, This is provided through additional office space as well as our newly implemented e-visit platform.

First and foremost, I want to assure you that we are taking every measure possible to provide a safe environment for you. As we are a medical practice we have always committed ourselves to industry leading sanitation practices. In recent days we have doubled down on that commitment paying close attention to each surface you interact with. You can rest easy knowing these spaces are well-kept so you can focus on your health and well being.

In early February we acquired additional patient care space, expanding our footprint from 1,200 to 3,000 square feet. Not only does this give us more space to provide better patient care, it also gives additional room for social distancing recommendations. Needless to say our old lobby is long gone. I’m sure this will come as great news to existing patients.

Additionally we know that for many….coming into the office…for an appointment may be a burden. More so now than ever before. Perhaps due to your work schedule or a commitment to your family. We know that patients want flexibility to have an appointment no matter where they might be located. We never want you to have to make a choice between your family and your health.

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer many appointments online. The new online appointment platform went live earlier this week. We have had excellent feedback from the start. We truly believe this will offer additional ease and flexibility for all patients. Allowing you to complete an office visit no matter where you are located.

This is more than a job to us, we come to work each morning because of you. We want to help our patients live their best lives. Simply put, we would not be here without you. February marked the sixth anniversary for Embry Women’s Health. We are all members of this community, living and working with you. It is vital now more than ever for us to come together during these challenging times.

Whether your visit takes place online, or in person, Embry Women’s Health is committed to your well being. We will continue to find innovative solutions to providing you with excellent patient care. We genuinely value and appreciate having you as a patient. Thank you for trusting us with your health.

Thank you,

Raymond Embry

Embry Women’s Health