When it comes to choosing the best birth control methods, most women find it very difficult to talk to a health expert and instead they mostly rely on the internet for finding answers to all their issues, while in some cases relying on the internet might be helpful but when it comes to queries related to health especially depending on the internet too much might not be a good idea.

Likewise, getting answers to all your doubts about contraception should be obtained only from a reliable female health worker through contraceptive counseling as they are professionals in their field. So they are capable of providing expert answers to all your doubts and aid you with the best birth control method that suit both your needs and lifestyle. 

What does contraceptive counseling mean exactly?

In essence, contraceptive counseling is consulting a health expert to help determine the various options for contraception, talk about personal preferences regarding the various contraception methods, and settle down on a particular option that best suits an individual’s needs at a particular point of time. 

The many benefits of contraceptive counseling are:

  • it can be verified as a person’s medical history as well
  • helps in getting answers to important questions
  • it helps in getting professional advice according to an individual’s preference
  • saves an individual from suffering paralysis by analysis
  • it helps in planning for the long term as well as short term goals
  • also helps in building a solid base to tackle any future problems
  • Some of the major benefits of contraceptive counseling are:
  • It can be verified as a person’s medical history 

Birth control pills are the most common option when it comes to contraception. However, before taking these, it is important to ascertain if a person is allergic to any compounds found in them or if they have a family history of serious illnesses like breast cancer or cancer of the cervix in that case steering away from birth control pills is the best choice. However, some birth control pills also help in preventing ovarian and endometrial cancers. Contraceptive counseling helps in assessing all the health risks associated with the various contraception methods available today. So a person can go for the one that best suits them and their needs minus the side effects. 

  • It helps in getting answers to important questions

Many people heavily rely on the internet to solve their contraception-related issues instead of consulted by a health care expert. Because of the vast amount of data available on the internet, sometimes a person might feel lost and confused, which is where contraception counseling comes in. Since the health care provider has all the prior medical details along with the family history of the individual, assessing their needs and coming up with apt solutions gets much easier. And as a result, problems are solved professionally with less confusion and more clarity.

  • Get professional advice according to individual preferences

During a counseling session, the healthcare provider helps in coming up with all the options regarding contraception that best suit an individual’s needs and the kind of lifestyle that they lead. The health provider suggests the best birth control method after discussing the pros and cons thoroughly to make sure that there are no risks involved. Many women face huge amounts of difficulties regarding the birth control that they are currently on like, for instance, missing a dose or having difficulty adjusting to the hormones found in some birth control pills. Through contraceptive counseling, all such issues can be brought forward to the health care expert, and they can suggest professional solutions to those. 

  • Saves an individual from suffering paralysis by analysis

As compared to searching answers to contraception issues, getting precise answers from a reliable professional women’s health expert is much easier and less time-consuming. Not only do you get clear answers to your queries, but you can also save yourself from the paralysis through analysis situations. Getting professional answers to all your issues means that you can decide on what works for you right away without wasting any more time. 

  • Helps in planning for the long term as well as short term goals

Contraceptive counseling is the best option when it comes to deciding upon both long and short term goals regarding contraception. For instance, if a woman does not want to have kids anymore or if they want to put a gap between pregnancies they can go for birth control methods like IUD or Intrauterine device, which is a great option as a long term contraception method as they are low maintenance and also cost-effective. However, if a woman wants to try getting pregnant shortly, they can go for short term contraception options like birth control pills, the patch, and barrier methods like condoms, cervical caps, and such.

  •  Helps in building a solid base to tackle any future problems

Having a strong and reliable professional relationship with the health care expert means that women can be more open with them when it comes to sharing their personal problems. For example, if a woman is experiencing side effects from using certain birth control methods, they can share that with their health care experts and based on the prior established mutual understanding and knowledge achieved through earlier counseling sessions the health care expert can provide help by coming up with professional solutions to all the problems. 

Take Away

Prior to going for a contraceptive counseling session, it is important to do some research that might come in handy when it comes to being well prepared while asking questions during the session. This might also help the health care expert to give professional answers to all those questions without any issues. Therefore a little research on the various available birth control options along with your personal preferences when it comes to settling for one of those is highly beneficial.

Those patients who have a good rapport with their OBGYNs and confidence in their doctor have a healthier outcome. And this is what we strive to achieve at EmbryWomensHealth– healthy and happy patients.