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Clinical Medical Assistant – Full Time

Embry Women’s Health has an immediate opening as an Clinical Medical Assistant in our medical office. This is a full time position including benefits. Join our team of dedicated professionals to provide best in class healthcare, improve outcomes and sustain our business.
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Immediate Opening: Clinical Medical Assistant, Full Time

Minimum Qualifications – Experience Required

RESUME REQUIRED – Do not apply without a detailed resume. All candidates without resume will be automatically declined.

Specific Availability Required – You must be available to work Monday to Friday on a weekly basis. There is no exception to this. Please do not apply if you are not available.

Experience Required – Applicants with less than a single year of experience in a clinical, patient facing role will not be considered.

EMR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – athenaNet experience preferred, other modern EMR systems most useful such as ECW or a hospital system. Skill testing will be done to verify knowledge.

PATIENT FACING ROLE – This specific role is a clinical, patient facing role spending a majority of their shift working face to face with patients and providers. This means you must have excellent customer/patient service skills. You must be friendly and hospitable. Those who do not enjoy spending time with people need not apply.

Blood Draw and Injections Training – You must be trained in the ability to both draw patients blood and perform injections. Documented experience is required and you will also perform both as an interview step to ensure proficiency.

About Embry Women’s Health

Embry Women’s Health was founded to offer women a comprehensive women’s medical center with a full range of services from prenatal care to Hereditary Cancer Testing. When JoEllen Embry founded the practice she sought to share her passion for excellence and individualized service. That has lead to Embry Women’s Health being recognized as a progressive and award winning OB/Gyn practice. We are proud of being able to provide personalized care to women of all ages.

Basic Description

We are looking for the right candidate to join our team as a Full Time, Clinic Based, Provider Medical Assistant. You will be the primary MA assigned to a busy full time NP Provider. We have included many of the daily duties listed below. This position is an advanced MA role and you must have experience. On a daily basis you will be working hand in hand with our front desk and provider staff.

This is traditional MA role working to be the second point of patient contact once a patient is checked in. You will bring them back to the exam room, perform the intake, vitals and other assigned intake duties. You will enter data into the EMR system as required. You will then communicate this information as required to the provider you are working with.

You will also be required to work assigned tasks in the EMR system as required. These could consist of tasks/orders/messages from a variety of sources. You must be able to problem solve and develop new processes to ensure tasks and processes are accomplished in a timely manner. You must have experience delegating, as this is critical to ensuring timely completion of duties. Additionally, networking and a strong ability to work with others is important as you have to work with office staff and providers


We are also willing to pay above market wages for the right candidate. We can’t do this without you and want you to be rewarded for our success. Our practice has a bonus program in place to reward employees for increases in patient satisfaction as measured by our SPSQ Survey that goes to every patient, post appointment.

Salary Scale

  • $18 per hour during probation
  • $19 per hour post probation
  • 6 month increase

Performance Incentive

  • Profit Sharing
  • Goal and Incentive Based Bonus

EMR Experience

We use athenaNet by athenaHealth as our EMR system and practice management system. Experience with athenaNet would be highly favorable for the right candidate. Although, athenaNet experience is not required, relevant experience with a modern fully deployed EMR system is required. Such systems include but are not limited to eClinicalWorks, Cerner, Epic, Practice Fusion, Mckesson or Allscripts.


  • Monday to Friday availability required
  • Full Time 40 hour per week position
  • 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM position


  • Fluency is a second language would be preferred but is not required
  • English required
  • Spanish fluency preferred

Regular Duties

  • Intake
  • Injections
  • Blood Draws
  • Provider Communication
  • Patient Follow up

Other Duties deleted among MA staff

Schedule Management

  • Verifying that patients are booked into correct time slots
  • Ensuring that office staff have correctly scheduled appointments
  • Managing schedule for holiday and block out times
  • Scheduling vendors as appropriate in open time slots

Phone Operations

  • Place outgoing phone calls as appropriate to complete required tasks
  • Supporting office staff to answer incoming calls during peak phone operations
  • Appropriately determining correct outcome for incoming phone calls
  • Appropriately scheduling and reschedule new and existing patients that call for appointments
  • Consistently offer the patient portal as a resource for patient’s
  • Triage and accurately enter into athenaNet patient questions

Patient Interaction

  • Primary job duty is non patient facing however during peak operations or unusual operations you may be required to support the front desk. This is non standard and not expected primarily of this role.

RX Management

  • Monitor incoming RX requests including new, refill, questions and prior authorizations
  • Appropriately triage RX refill requests responding to those that fit within outlined decision trees and escalating those that need additional clarification
  • Appropriately triage RX prior authorization requests either completing, denying or reaching out when appropriate for additional clarification
  • Responding to pharmacy and vendor questions regarding patient RX orders

Lab / Imaging Order Management

  • Ensuring that providers are appropriately placing orders for lab and imaging
  • Ensuring that lab and imaging facilities are receiving and correctly processing received orders
  • Coaching office staff and providers when orders are incorrectly placed or processed

Lab Result / Imaging Result Management

  • Ensuring that results are received correctly and in a timely fashion
  • Working with vendor or lab partners when a process has been identified for improvement
  • Coaching office staff and providers when it has been identified that a lab/imaging result was not processed according to outlined requirements
  • Initially triaging results and delegating as appropriate

Genetic Testing Order Management

  • Appropriately tracking genetic tests that have been sent to third party laboratories
  • Responding to laboratory questions appropriately

Sample Management

  • Working with third party vendors to ensure office is adequately staffed with RX samples
  • Ensure that providers are appropriately entering RX samples into EMR system

Clinical Inbox Management

  • Ensure that processes are correctly outlined and delegated to ensure tasks in the clinical inbox are completed
  • Training and Coaching office staff in regards to Clinical Inbox task completion

Vendor Management

  • Working with established vendors for supply management and fulfillment
  • Assisting office staff in onboarding new vendors as appropriate
  • Ensuring that interested vendors and third party have access to provider resources as appropriate for training or sales presentations
  • Managing vendor schedule
  • Ensuring that all vendor contacts have been appropriately entered into vendor management system

Provider Support/Followup

  • Working with providers and office staff to identify opportunities for providers in regards to order creation, patient followup and patient recall
  • Monitoring outgoing orders as appropriate
  • Working with providers to identify training opportunities and room for improvement with for office staff

Order Management

  • Actively monitoring the athenaNet clinical inbox for new orders
  • When appropriate placing new orders for patient prescriptions, medical devices and other items through established workflows in athenaNet
  • Working with office staff to ensure they are appropriately entering and fulfilling orders

Records Management

  • Ensuring that processes exist as appropriate to fulfill outgoing medical record requests
  • Ensure that processes exist to obtain medical records for new patients


  • Ensure that patients are being recalled appropriately for required procedures
  • Working with billing team to ensure that procedures are correctly billed


  • Ensure that medications required for injections are ordered and appropriately stocked
  • Tracking injection supply to ensure they have been correctly recorded when dispensed
  • Perform injections

This is a basic list of required duties. However, it should not be interpreted as a final list of requirements as duties may change as appropriate.


Medical, Dental and Vision
Paid Sick Time
Paid Personal Time
Paid Holidays
Personal Leave
Bereavement Pay
Jury Duty Pay
Flexible Time Off

Instructions to Apply ***Must Complete to Be Considered
1 – Complete the brief informational application below
2 – Call 480-568-6917 and answer the below questions in a voicemail
3 – Email your resume to the address provided in the below application

Questions to answer on voicemail when calling 480-568-6917
Name and Phone Number
What is your hometown
The most exciting place you have ever been to
Why we should hire YOU!

Just a reminder you have to complete the three steps to be considered 1 – Complete Application, 2 – Call 480-568-6917, 3 – Email resume to email address provided in below application. You will not be considered without completing each step.

Thank you!


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